Torch – Ceramic Base – High Flow – with 1.5mm Qtz Inj.


Ceramic Base Torch, High Flow, with 1.5mm Quartz Injector for TJA 61E, Iris & Intrepid Radial

P/N Cross Reference(s)
Thermo TJA P/N: 126432-01

This is an exact match OEM replacement ceramic base quartz torch suitable for high argon flow radial orientations of Thermo TJA ICP-OES instruments including: 61E, Iris Advantage, Intrepid and Intrepid II. This torch is identified by 2 red rings on the outer tube and is intended for aqueous samples with 1.5mm bore demountable center tube (1 red ring) and base o-ring. It is also available as a torch only (without the injector - Precision Glassblowing Part#: 275-07W/O) or as an organics analysis kit (Precision Part#: 275-08), with a 1.0mm bore demountable center tube (2 red rings).