Torch – 1 Piece – 2.5mm Inj. – HMI Compatible


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One Piece HMI Compatible Torch, 2.5mm Injector, 2 projections, for Agilent 7500 and 7500 HMI.

P/N Cross Reference(s)
Agilent: G3270-80043 (formerly G3270-67002)
Glass Expansion: 30-807-0542
Meinhard: ML190022

This is an exact match OEM replacement quartz torch suitable for the Agilent 7500 HMI (High Matrix Introduction) ICP-MS instrument and backwards compatible with all previous Agilent 7500 instruments. This torch has a fixed 2.5mm ID quartz injector and dual alignment knots. Precision Glassblowing also offers previous version 2.5 mm ID fixed injector (Precision Glassblowing P/N: 900-06) and 1.5mm ID fixed injector (PG P/N: 900-07) torches for those not running HMI instruments. Also offered are demountable torches with both quartz and alumina injectors.