Standard Torch – Axial – 2.3mm Inj. – 1 Piece – 90° Bend – Low Flow


Low Flow Torch, One Piece, Axial, 2.3mm Injector, 90° Bend, for Varian 700-ES Series, Liberty, Vista

P/N Cross Reference(s)
Glass Expansion: 30-808-0478
Meinhard: ML180017
Varian: 2010090400

This is an exact match OEM replacement quartz torch suitable for all axial orientations of Varian ICP-OES instruments including: 730-ES and 720-ES series, 710-ES and 700-ES, and Varian Vista. This torch has a fixed 2.3mm ID quartz injector and terminates in a 8mm OD stem with a 90° bend but is also available with a 12/5 ball joint (Precision Glassblowing Part#: 800-12B) or 12/5 socket (Precision Part#: 800-12S). We also offer a fixed 0.8mm quartz injector torch (Precision Part#: 800-18), a demountable torch kit with an alumina injector and PTFE injector support (Precision Part#: 800-49) or the demountable torch without injector (Precision Part#: 800-15).

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