Torch Body



Torch Body, for PerkinElmer/Sciex ELAN 5000/6X00/900/DRC II and NexION

PerkinElmer P/N: N8122006

Alternate P/Ns: 30-808-8107, ML140010

The 400-10 torch is an exact match OEM replacement quartz demountable torch for the PerkinElmer ELAN, ELAN DRC, and NexION ICP-MS instruments N812-2006 torch. This torch is also available as a High Efficiency torch (Precision Glassblowing Part#: 400-10HE). The 400-10 torches do not include an injector or injector supports. Precision Glassblowing offers plastic injector support adapters and injectors of various sizes in both quartz and alumina for ELAN, DRC, and NexION.

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