Isomist XR with glass Cyclonic Chamber


The programmable Temperature Spray Chamber with standard borosilicate glass cyclonic chamber.  Each unit includes the XR module (with extended range programmable temperature) along with the proper mount and fittings to connect to the listed instrument make and model.

Additional information

Instrument Make/Model

Agilent 7700/8800/8900, Agilent 7800/7900, Agilent 7500, Agilent 4500, Agilent 4100/4200 MP-AES, Agilent 5100, GBC OptiMass, Horiba Jobin Yvon, PE Optima 4300/5300/7300 V, PE Optima 2/4/5/7/8000 DV, PE Optima 3000 Axial/DV, PE NexION 300, PE Elan, Shimadzu, Spectro Arcos, SpectroBlue, Thermo iCAP 6000/7000 Duo, Thermo iCAP 6000/7000 Radial, Thermo Iris Axial/Duo, Thermo Iris Radial, Thermo Finnigan Element, Thermo (VG) PlasmaQuad, Thermo X Series, Varian 700-ES or Vista Axial, Varian 700-ES or Vista Radial, Varian 800-MS, Basic Kit ROL, Basic Kit LOL