Elegra Argon Humidifier


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Small footprint, non-pressurized unit employing a highly efficient membrane, with a simple bypass switch. Each unit includes the humidifier module along with the proper fittings to connect to the listed instrument make and model.

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Instrument Make/Model

Agilent/Varian Vista/700-ES/MP-AES or Leeman, Agilent 5100 or Horiba Jobin Yvon, Agilent 4500/7500, Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900, PerkinElmer Optima or Spectro, PerkinElmer Elan/NexION, Shimadzu 9000/9800, Thermo iCAP 6000/7000/Q, X-Series, Other