Demountable Torch Assembly – Complete



*Discontinued* Demountable Torch Assembly, Complete, for Horiba, Jobin Yvon.
This item has been discontinued please contact us for more information.

P/N Cross Reference(s)
JY: 21.356.110

This demountable torch assembly ships completely assembled and is comprised of the following components: Demountable Torch Body (Precision Glassblowing P/N: 160-45), Radial Outer Quartz Tube (PG P/N: 160-50), Inner Quartz Tube (PG P/N: 160-52), Alumina Injector and Insert (PG P/N: 160-61), Centering Ring (PG P/N: 160-53) and PEEK Sheath Gas Adapter (PG P/N: 160-64).