BOX CELL, Rectangular, Pyrex 2.75 – $1,850

Part No: 2DMOT CELL 2.75 Category:

30 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm long (25 mm x 25 mm inside cross-section) attached to 2 – 3/4” rotatable CF flange on 1” OD tubing.


Technical Info

Q: Do you offer internal and external AR coating?

A: For our quartz octagonal and quartz 6-way cross designs, we can offer double side AR coating on all window surfaces. For rectangular cells, we have previously offer external AR coating but with such a difficult geometry, AR coating is only marginally successful. Internal AR coating to an enclosed area is not possible due to the deposition process.

Q: Can you install sources into your cells?

A: We offer cells with sources made using SAES alkali metal dispensers (AMDs). Rb sources are the most common but we also offer Cs, K and Na upon request.

Q: How many dispensers do you place into a single source?

A: A typical single source contains 2 or 3 SAES AMDs plus a common wire.

Q: How many dispensers can I operate at one time on a single source?

A: We advise sending current to only one AMD at a time. Operating more than one dispenser within the same source is likely to burn up the common wire leading to a non-functioning source and potentially creating a leak at the feedthrough.

Q: What is the maximum temperature for bake out on my cell?

A: The recommended maximum temperature is 250C limited by the glass to metal seal. A temperature ramp up of 2 C/min is a safe rate.

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