IsoMist XR – Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber


The IsoMist XR features an improved thermodynamic design allowing operation of the spray chamber across a wider temperature range (from –25C to 80C) with a faster cool-down. The  temperature of the sample introduction system has a profound effect on the analytical performance of an ICP and controlling that temperature has many benefits. On the IsoMist XR, the temperature is controlled using a powerful, inbuilt, multi-stage thermo-electric peltier device, packaged in a compact, easy to use design.


Any temperature between –25C and 80C can be selected in increments of 1°, allowing the optimum conditions for any application to be used. The IsoMist XR can be controlled from a PC through a Bluetooth® wireless interface or USB cable. It uses the Twister cyclonic spray chamber, combining excellent sensitivity and precision with exceptionally fast washout.


The IsoMist XR provides the ICP user with significant analytical benefits:
• Introduction of the sample at sub-ambient temperature reduces oxide formation in the plasma, resulting in fewer interferences and improved detection limits for most ICP-MS applications.
• The –25C minimum operating temperature reduces the solvent load on the plasma, allowing direct ICP-MS or ICP-OES analysis of even the most volatile organic solvents such as naphtha and gasoline.
• Maintaining the spray chamber at a constant temperature significantly improves long-term analytical stability.
• For many ICP-OES analyses, sensitivity is enhanced by running the spray chamber at an elevated temperature, which is particularly important for limited volume samples.