TruFlo Monitor

  • Continous real-time flow measurement
  • Eliminates guess work
  • Sounds an out-of-range alarm
  • Reduces sample repeats
  • Ideal for sample introduction by peristaltic pump or natural aspiration
  • Suitable for all ICP-OES and ICP-MS models


Do you ever need to repeat the analysis of a sample due to:

  • A blocked nebulizer?
  • Worn peristaltic tubing?
  • Incorrect pressure of the pump tubing clamp?

With the digital display of the TruFlo Sample Monitor, you always know the actual rate of sample uptake to your nebulizer. This enhances the day-to-day reproducibility of your results and reduces the need to repeat measurements due to a blocked nebulizer, worn pump tubing or incorrect clamping of the pump tube. And the borosilicate glass sample path ensures that there is no memory effect or sample contamination. The TruFlo can even sound an alarm if the sample uptake is outside your specified limits.

The TruFlo is also ideal if you are relying on the natural aspiration of the nebulizer. Many operators, particularly of ICP-MS, use natural aspiration in order to eliminate the effect of peristaltic pump noise from their measurements. With the TruFlo, you always know what your sample uptake is and you can take immediate corrective action if there is any change.

The actual sample flow is shown on the TruFlo’s inbuilt digital display and a graph of the flow versus time can also be displayed on your computer.


You can set the upper and lower limits of your acceptable sample flow range.


You can receive a warning on the screen, as well as an audible alarm, if the sample flow moves outside the acceptable range.


You always know the actual sample flow and you do not need to worry about converting pump revolutions to sample flow.


The realtime flow display enables you to optimise the pressure on the peristaltic pump tubing.
The clamp was tightened by a half turn at each arrow.

Sample path: borosilicate glass. Suitable for aqueous solutions, organic solvents, most acids. Not suitable for hydrofluoric acid (HF).
Flow sensor: non-invasive thermoelectric sensor
Measurable flow range: 0 – 4.0mL/min
Calibrated flow range: 0.2 – 4.0mL/min. The TruFlo can be used at sample flows below 0.2mL/min with very good repeatability but the accuracy may be outside the specified range.
Calibration solution: deionized water. The TruFlo can be used for other solutions but the accuracy may be outside the specified range. The TruFlo is effective
in identifying any change in sample flow with non-aqueous solutions, even though the absolute accuracy of the flow reading may be outside the specified range.
Accuracy of flow reading: +/-5% (with deionized water, within calibrated flow range).
Internal volume: 0.13mL
Weight: 300g
Size: 100 x 40 x 60mm

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