ICP Accessories

truflo-thumb The TruFlo Sample Monitor eliminates guesswork so that you always know the actual rate of sample flow to your nebulizer with continuous real-time flow measurements.  read more »
niagra-thumb The Niagara II Rapid Rinse Accessory utilizes flow injection technology to halve your analysis time. Faster throughput and lower consumables costs means more profit.  read more »
isomist-thumb The IsoMist Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber provides the benefits of a temperature-controlled ICP sample introduction system in a compact, convenient package. You control the temperature electronically, selecting any temperature between -10degC and +60degC.  read more »
capricorn-thumb Argon Humidifiers are commonly used in ICP analyses involving samples with high dissolved solids concentration. Helping to prevent salt build-up inside the sample introduction system, the Capricorn Argon Humidifier allows uninterrupted and maintenance free operation.  read more »
trident-thumb Trident In-line Reagent Addition Kits streamline the addition of internal standards and ionization buffers providing an efficient means of accurately and precisely dosing all of your samples without extra effort or the risk of error or contamination. Internal standardization, in many cases, enhances short-term and long-term reproducibility.  read more »
rf-coils-thumb Regular replacement of corroded RF Coils reduces the load on the RF generation system and increases energy transfer, resulting in a more robust plasma and generally higher analytical line intensities.  Ordering information »