Demountable Injector Support System for the Spectro ARCOS II and Blue


This system interfaces directly with the OEM Torch Support, but improves several areas.  First, it simplifies the design of the injector lowering the costs on the consumable (whether quartz, alumina, sapphire, or platinum).  Secondly, it is easy to assemble, providing consistent alignment and proper injector gap every time.  Thirdly, the injector design has a tapered tip to help reduce salt/carbon build up.  Finally, it is available in both 12/5 (S13) and 18/9 (S19) sizes, to match your current spray chamber, eliminating the need for adapters (or additional spray chamber purchases). 



    • Fits original OEM torch support
    • Available in 12/5 (S13) & 18/9 (S19)
    • Simple low cost injector design
    • Available in quartz and alumina
    • Easy to use / assemble properly