Repairs and Modifications

Let’s face it, glass breaks. Depending on the complexity of the item and severity of the break, most times its more cost effective to fix the part rather than buying new. Precision Glassblowing repairs and modifies hundreds of pieces of glass each month. Current lead times will be included with your final quote. A rush service is available for an additional charge. Call 303-693-7329 or e-mail for pricing or information. For your convenience, a link to our repair form has been provided. Simply print and complete a copy and include it with the broken items being shipped. We’ll contact you once we’ve received the parts and evaluated them for repair. If you prefer you can email us photos of your damaged part. Take photographs of the item as a whole and close ups of the broken part. This will help the glassblower in doing a quick evaluation to see if the part is repairable. Then email your photos to repairs for evaluation.

Insured Value: When your repair is returned, we only insure for the cost of the repair, not for the full replacement value of a new part. If you would like a higher insured value on your return shipment, please include a note on the repair form for the amount you would like it insured for.

Level of Cleanliness: By sending these items to Precision Glassblowing, customer states that all items have been cleaned of any substances that may pose a health hazard or legal liability. Precision Glassblowing reserves the right to refuse service on any items that may pose such hazards.

ICP & ICP-MS Torch Repair:

Precision Glassblowing repairs hundreds of torches each month. We can replace the outer shield, base or sidearm of most broken or used torches for much less than the cost of a replacement torch. Ceramic base torches for TJA instruments may be rebuilt multiple times at a very moderate price. Available with or without a new injector, rebuilt TJA torches receive all new precision i.d./o.d. quartz inner and outer tubes and new argon fittings with the used base remaining as the only aspect which separates it from a brand new OEM torch. Once any torch has been rebuilt, it passes through the same QC program as our new torches, guaranteeing it meets original manufacturer’s specifications. Scroll down for more information and examples of what can be repaired. Most broken items can be repaired in 3 weeks or less. A rush service is available for an additional charge. Call 303.693.7329 or e-mail for pricing or information.

General Scientific Glassware Repair:

Precision Glassblowing can repair spray chambers, cells and most general lab items. Common lab glass repairs include replacing stopcocks, replacing broken ground joints, fixing cracks in flasks and replacing sidearms on soxhlets and CLLE’s. Some simpler glassware may not be cost-effective to repair but in many cases repairs can save $100’s over the cost of replacement. Current lead times will be included with your final quote. A rush service is available for an additional charge. Call 303.693.7329 or e-mail for pricing or information.

Glassware Modification:

Don’t settle with “I’ll make do”, if your glass part isn’t exactly what you want. We may be able to modify it to meet your needs. From adding or replacing joints, to modifying the layout, you can get what you need. For easy modifications you can simply add a note near the middle of our REPAIR FORM; but for most situations, it is best to give us a call (303.693.7329) or e-mail us to discuss the required changes you’d like made.  We can clarify any questions and get the ball rolling on an estimate for you.

Can my torch be rebuilt:

We can repair most damage to the outer shield of a torch. Additionally, broken sidearms and bases can be repaired if the main body of the torch is not damaged. Damage to the inner shield of a torch cannot be repaired. Damage to the inner shield includes cracks, melting and devitrification (crystallization). Because we cannot guarantee the performance of a torch with a damaged injector, torches with such damage also can not be repaired. Typical repairs include the following: